Whether it is about working at heights or abseiling in depth: SEILWORX industrial climbers offer professional craftsmanship and also reach places that are difficult to access. Special rope-assisted working methods are often the only solution here. At the same time, expensive scaffolding or lifting technology can be dispensed with, which saves labor costs and time.

industriekletterer windkraftanlage
berufskletter windkraftanlangen

The guys from Seilworx did our complete spring cleaning.

Gutter cleaning in no time. We also had the facade cleaned. Where we always had to set up scaffolding (and you can really save this money!)

This year we chose climbers and we will definitely do it every year now. Super fast and professional job.

We can only recommend it.


E. Pfeiffer

Fast and uncomplicated execution of the order. We were very satisfied and can unreservedly recommend Mr. Malina and his team.

M. Willms