Thanks to our quality standards and wide range of services, SEILWORX has a large and satisfied customer base in the industrial sector. Our industrial climbers have years of experience in repair, assembly, painting and cleaning.

Areas of application:

  • Facade repair
    Silo repair
    Silo emptying
    Nozzle control
    Nozzle replacement
    building and silo cleaning
    and much more


RWE AG is considered one of the largest energy suppliers in Germany and has been one of our customers for several years. The regular tasks of our industrial climbers included cleaning work and repairs of facades and silos. In addition, our height workers were also responsible for silo emptying and the replacement of nozzles.


ProTec Industriebedarf GmbH is one of the largest companies in the sugar industry. Our industrial climbers were tasked with cleaning silos and beams for the company. To ensure thorough cleaning, our height workers used high-pressure cleaners. Furthermore, SEILWORX was also responsible for emptying the silos.